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NEWydd provide a wide range of healthy dishes operating on a three-week cycle. All of our meals made using ingredients of the highest quality, supplied by local producers where possible. We pride ourselves on our child friendly recipes, varied and interesting menus, ample portion sizes and our ability to engage children in meal times with our fun theme days and incentives. 

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All of our menus are nutritionally analysed in line with Welsh Government Guidance to meet pupil’s needs for protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar and salt.  Our priority is to ensure that all menus provide balanced and nutritious food choices, as an important and integral part of school life. Eating healthy nutritionally balanced meals helps support a young person’s continued growth and development, boosting concentration, improving performance and active participation throughout the school day.

Children consume about a third of their food intake during the school day and here at NEWydd we are committed to healthy eating and we work hard with schools to promote the health and welfare of pupils. We continue to deliver the best food possible and want to help young people in Flintshire to discover and enjoy new and exciting foods that will encourage them to live a healthy and active life. 

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Our kitchen staff are provided with a continuous training programme to ensure they are equipped to comply with all aspects of food safety from ordering, allergy awareness, preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning of all food and equipment used in the delivery of a school meal. All Area Managers audit every kitchen on an annual basis, to provide reports to Senior Management and Head Teachers. Environmental Health Officers also audit the kitchens on a regular basis and provide a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme award.

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